Maître Ripoll also works in collaboration with SELARL Michael Sebrier as a salaried Commissioner of Justice, and can therefore conduct your guardianship and curatorship inventories, as well as your inheritance inventories and carry out any kind of reports.

As a salaried Commissioner of Justice who was appointed as a Ministerial Officer on 20 March 2024, Maître Ripoll can offer you services that complement those of Maître Sebrier.

Reports of all kinds, reports prior to building work, reports of building permit posting, internet reports, seizures, debt collection procedures, as well as legal inventories, including legal inventories of protected persons.

Indeed, when a guardianship protection measure is established, the guardian (a person designated to exercise a measure of protection of an adult or minor) must conduct or have conducted an inventory (a list of all the person's property or the protected person’s property) within three months of the court’s decision.

Maître Ripoll will be able to carry out your estate inventories in her capacity as auctioneer or Commissioner of Justice.

Do not hesitate to contact Villefranche Enchères Riviera or Maître Sebrier for further information.